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A Bande á Part
Certificate: n/a
Friday 13 April 2018, 7.30pm
Admission: £4 / £3 unwaged
Bande a Part
A Bande á Part (Jean Luc Goddard, France 1964)

In the dreary Parisian suburb of Joinville, Brasseur and Frey take turns romancing with beautiful student Odile. When Odile mentions the big pile of cash stashed at her aunt's villa it seems like a piece of cake burglary, but of course these things rarely go as planned…

Despite being over 50 years old and rarely seen, Bande á Part remains instantly recognisable, such is the director's influence on modern cinema. 

"Godard, the cocky provocateur, breaks every rule of filmmaking he can muster...[it's] a rejection of traditions--all of 'em, de qualité or otherwise--and an embrace of the new."
Brooklyn Magazine

"Besides being a stirring portrait of a youth culture in crisis, the film is very charming and accessible - especially for anyone that's experienced teen alienation...at once a snapshot in time and a timeless piece of cinema."

"One of Godard's most accessible pictures. A good place to learn how much of a debt modern cinema owes him."

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