SFS: Dig!

Shipley Film Society

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Certificate: 15
Friday 10th March 2017, 7.30pm
Admission: £4.00 adults, £3 unwaged
Dig! (Ondi Timoner, US, 2003)

Whether or not you’ve heard of the bands The Brian Jonestown Massacre or the The Dandy Warhols really misses the point of this remarkable film, and for a music documentary, there isn’t even all that much music.

Filmed over seven years, Dig! is an essay on the tortuous relationship between people who perceive themselves as artistic geniuses and pretty much everyone else.

This is a rollercoaster ride, taking us down a fine line between authenticity and pretentiousness, global success and near total self-destruction.

“It's a classic music soap opera, but never told with a more raw scream for help at its centre.”
Orlando Sentinal

“In a year that has seen several fascinating documentaries on famous rock stars and their problems, Dig! stands out for being about musicians who only think they should be famous. And, man, do they have problems.”
Star Tribune

“This amped-up rockumentary doubles as an essay on self-destruction.”

A bar will be open serving wines, beers and non-alcoholic drinks and cake.

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