SFS: Headhunters

Shipley Film Society

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Certificate: 15
Friday 31 March 2017, 7.30pm
Admission: £4.00 adults, £3 unwaged
Hodegerne (Headhunters) (Morten Tyldum, Norway, 2011)

Roger Brown is a corporate recruiter. He’s not exactly handsome, and with insecurities about his below average height, he moonlights as an art thief to pay for pay a lavish lifestyle, complete with big house and beautiful wife. When he decides to go for “the big one” and solve his financial problems once and for all, things go terribly wrong and rapidly spiral out of control.

Although not for the squeamish, it’s a fast paced cinematic ride that puts its Hollywood counterparts to shame.

“Headhunters is an exhilarating thriller with great visual flare, top notch acting, and a story that will have you so involved that you'll possibly have no fingernails by the end of it!”
Sin Magazine

Whatever the cinematic equivalent of a kick in the pants might be, you'll find it at Headhunters.
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