SFS: If....

Shipley Film Society

Bringing great cinema to our little corner of Yorkshire
Certificate: 15
Friday 11th November 2016, 7.30pm
Admission: £4.00 adults, £3 unwaged
If…. (Lindsay Anderson, UK, 1968)

Mick Travis is a product of his class and education: an intelligent young man encouraged by his boarding school to embrace the challenges of a changing world.
What the future demands, however, is the overthrow of the very establishment, archaic rituals and creeping corruption that created him.

Shot just before the student riots in Paris of May 1968, If.... embodies the anti-authoritarian spirit of the age, and nearly 50 years on finds a new audience as the establishment is once again questioned by a disillusioned generation.

If . . . is so good and strong that even those things in the movie that strike me as being first-class mistakes are of more interest than entire movies made by smoothly consistent, lesser directors.”
New York Times

“Amongst the greatest British films of the post-war years.”
Film 4

“The late 60's film offers a direct and honest link into the world of conservative Britain that contemporary films can only try and simulate.”

A bar will be open serving wines, beers, soft drinks and cake.

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