SFS: Memories of a Murder

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Memories of a Murder
Certificate: 15
Saturday 30th September 2017, 7.30pm
Admission: £4 (£3 unwaged)
Memories of a Murder
Memories of a Murder (Bon Joon Ho, South Korea, 2003).

Given the subject matter, this is a surprisingly enjoyable and provocative blend of thriller, comedy and satire as it follows two bungling rural cops in their frustrated attempts to track down a brutal serial killer.

"How the hell does a film this tonally out there, with characters this lunkheaded and at times even cruel and hateful, manage to be so indescribably moving?"
Village Voice

"Low-key, unassuming, and crafty in the way it slowly gets under your skin, Memories of Murder is a sly and smart thriller."
DVD Talk

A bar will be open serving wines, beers, soft drinks and cake.

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