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(The Host)
Certificate: 15
Friday 14th October 2016, 7.30pm
Admission: £4.00 adults, £3 unwaged
Gwoemul (The Host), (Joon-ho Bong, South Korea, 2006)

As a horrifying giant monster wreaks havoc in Seoul, the citizens scramble for cover. All except single father Hee-Bong and his family, who set out to find their little girl after she was scooped up by the scaly creature and spirited away.
A conscious throwback to 1950s B-movies and riding on the back of a spate of Hollywood creature features, this big-budget romp interweaves horror, comedy and drama to subvert the genre into a canny political satire.

“Imagine Little Miss Sunshine and Alien mixed together and you'll have an inkling of what South Korea's The Host has in store for you.”

“It packs an emotional kick that we don't expect from a movie where a giant iguana is running around with human legs dangling out of his mouth like stray pieces of linguini.”
Capital Times

“A livid bureaucratic satire, berserk creature feature and surprisingly somber drama, "The Host" is a convulsive, wild ride - simultaneously eliciting squirms and giggles by mashing up finger-pointing anger with "The Thing's" wiseass wickedness.”

A bar will be open serving wines, beers, soft drinks and cake.

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